Discover Tik- Tok influencers: Top Tik Tok influencers in Ethiopia

Discover Tik- Tok influencers: Top Tik Tok influencers in Ethiopia

Tik tok has become a popular platform worldwide for quite some time now. There are many content and content creators out there. From beauty hacks, cooking recipes, lifestyle vlogs, dance routines, music, poetry, movie review, comedy, and educational content, to tech content Tik Tok has it all. A TikTok influencer is content someone with 1000 or more followers, these influencers have a great reach and are potentially famous for their unique content that resonates with the audience.

In Ethiopia, there are several top TikTok influencers who have gained a massive following. Here is a list of the most influential TikTok accounts in Ethiopia, along with their number of followers:

Yuti Nass

Yuti is a well-known influencer with 1.3M followers and 9.4M likes, making her the Top Ethiopian tik toker with the highest number of followers. Yuti’s content varies from lip sync to dances, promotional content, Her own comedy content, etc… Besides Tik Tok Yuti recently opened her own velo salon Yutivelo

Master Abinet Kebede

Master Abinet is a well-known influencer with 1.1M followers and 13.5M likes, making him another Top Ethiopian tik toker with the highest number of followers. His content mostly focuses on Charity helping the less fortunate, Master Abinet helps many people in Ethiopia who have health problems, Homeless, People who have lost their house and everything due to war, etc. He has a black belt in martial art and he also works on motorbike sports.

Mensur Jemal

Mensur is a well-known influencer with 1.1M followers and 9.7M likes, making him another Top Ethiopian tik tok influencer with the highest number of followers.

Jon Daniel

Jon is a well-known Tik-Tok influencer with 994.4k followers and 7.8M likes. Jon’s contents are mostly entertainment, he is also known for his giveaway for his followers, and charity work, he also released a single song called “Aychelem”.

Dani Royal

Dani is another well-known tik tok influencer with 914.2k followers and 10.1M likes. Dani gained attention for his interviews with known artists where he asks a question and uses their music as an answer.


Rosiye has 787.k followers with 11.4M likes, her contents are entertaining and funny, dance and music, and also lip-syncing.


Bertemios has 729.8k Followers with 8.8M likes. his contents are funny, entertaining, and professional.

Jara Tesfaye

Jara has 700.8k followers with 14.4M likes. Jara takes his audience to their childhood in a fun and entertaining way through his content.

Nebil Nur

Nebil has 533k followers with 7.5M likes. Nebil’s contents are mostly entertainment and promotional.

Mussie Solomon

Mussie has 514.1k followers and 14.3M likes. through his content, Mussie covers news on current events from both local and global perspectives creating awareness for his followers, and different promotions.


Mekdiyee has 501.2 followers with 6M likes. Her contents are promotional and entertaining, it also involves games and challenges with her friends.

These influencers have gained popularity due to their unique content and the ability to connect with their audience. They have become role models and trendsetters for many young people in Ethiopia. some even create great value by giving back to their community through charity, information, and creativity.

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