The parental control and other new tech introduced by Ethio telecom

Ethio Telecom has been working on developing and implementing systems beyond connectivity to its customers and there have been Fintech and digital finance solutions like Telebir. this enabled users in making payments digitally to different government services, creating convenience for its customers.

For the upcoming Ethiopian new year 2016, Ethio Telecom plans to accelerate digital transformation by making changes and modifying the services it is providing to its customers.

In terms of digital inclusion, Ethio Telecom plans to increase the number of smartphone users by creating 998 new mobile sites, 140 of which will be new mobile sites in rural areas. They will also be working on wireless network expansion both in capacity and coverage. 5G expansion, advanced 4G and 4G expansion, and 3G expansion additional capacity and coverage making additions in capacity and towns that will get coverage. 4G Ethio Telecom also plans to build a wireless network that has the capacity to give service to 13 million customers, which will increase the total wireless network serving capacity to 92 million subscribers.

In addition to these changes, Ethio Telecom plans to expand Fixed broadband expansion this includes offering Super-fast broadband fiber to the room/ premium wifi VoLP Virtual IP PBX 150k, and ODN additional capacity.

Another change planned by Ethio Telecom is Transferring 100,000 consumers from copper customers to fiber.

Now, Fiber Optic Cable is made of plastic or glass, it transmits signals in the form of light. Copper wire, on the other hand, is made of copper and it transmits data in the form of electronic signals. It is a single solid conductor. what makes Fiber optic cables better than copper is they have a much higher bandwidth than copper wires, which means they can carry more data at faster speeds. Long distance: Fiber optic cables can transmit data over long distances without signal loss or degradation. This makes them ideal for long-haul communication.

The additional expansion added is Parental control, which is very ideal for most parents. Let’s be honest not everything on the internet is useful and constructive. there is so much destructive and inappropriate stuff out there for kids. most of the time parents can’t control what their kids view, or which sites they view, and Ethio Telecom has come up with the best solution for that, you can now Limit internet time, restrict specific websites, Pause the wifi, you can even remove people who are using your wifi without your approval.

Overall, Ethio Telecom is making considerable adjustments to its services in order to deliver a better digital experience to its clients. These modifications will include the expansion of its network, the addition of additional services, and the addition of parental control.

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