Discover the Best Places to Eat in Addis: Food Review Channels to Follow

have you ever felt the urge to dine out for breakfast or lunch but was unsure where to go or what to eat? Perhaps you considered visiting a new restaurant but you were not sure if their meals would suit your taste? or you don’t know if you can afford it, or maybe it’s you came here to visit Addis and want to try out different meals while you are here? does this sound familiar to you? Well, we have got a perfect solution for you.

Check out these 5 food review channels, that showcase different restaurants and cafes in Addis. They show you from high-end to budget-friendly places, the food along with the portion size, their personal suggestions, and their location.

Sheger Gebeta

Sheger Gebeta is a very well-known food vlogger, with 520.4k social media followers with 6.8M likes, and 120k subscribers on telegram channel Sheger covers from traditional restaurants to restaurants that serve Foreign foods, cafes, and pastry shops, showing the portion of the meal with personal recommendations. Sheger Gebeta is also known for its giveaways.

Zelela Review

Zelela review/ Zelela App is also a well-known restaurant reviewer, with 200.3k followers with 2.3M likes, and 2k subscribers on telegram channel Zelela covers a variety of foods from traditional foods to foreign foods, and desserts. Zelela also has an app called Zelela app.

Addis Foodie

Addis Foodie another well-known food vlogger with 102.8k followers with 1.0M likes, and 5.3k telegram channel subscribers Addis Foodie reviews a variety of restaurants that serve traditional and Western foods. Addis Foodie often features other Tik Tok influencers in the review videos.

Food World Ethiopia

Food world Ethiopia is a well-known food vlogger with 78.9k followers and 881.6k likes. FoodWorldEthiopia shows a variety of restaurants that serve traditional and Western foods, making it easier for food lovers to discover the best dining places.

Ela Review

Ela review is a food vlogger with 63.7k followers and 1.1 likes. if you want to find a place to eat on a budget, here is your place Ela helps you find the best places to eat for a small price, including variety types of street foods. Ela Review is well known for its recommendation to its followers’ inquiries.

Discover the best places to eat in Addis that are well suited to your liking and budget, and satisfy your cravings by following these five food channels.

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