As Ethiopia’s leading digital solution provider, Ethio Telecom recently launched a Super App(telebirr), which aims to revolutionize the way people in Ethiopia access various services and products through their mobile phones. Before diving into this exciting topic and its unique features let’s explore what exactly a Super App is/means.

A super app is an all-in-one mobile application with various features, offering a wide range of services to end users. They are designed with the aim to be a one-stop shop for users to access various services with ease.

They are becoming increasingly popular around the world, as they provide convenience, efficiency, and a personalized experience for users, They also offer businesses an opportunity to reach a broader audience and increase engagement by leveraging the app’s existing user base. EthioTel Super App is a lifestyle platform that addresses the demand for mobile-first experiences using powerful and easy-to-use systems and/or tools.

Some of its key features

  • Social Platform
  • E-commerce services
  • Transportation Services(Ride-Hailing)
  • Financial Services
  • Food Delivery
  • Bill & Utility payment
  • Health & Insurance Services

Main serice catagories of EthioTel super App

  • Finacail servies | Telebirr
    • Send, Receive & Send
    • From and to Bank account
    • Traffic penalty payment 
  • E-commerce
    • Digital marketplace for buyers and sellers
    • Simple consistent environment to : 
      • Buy goods & services
      • Shop online
      • B2C solutions
  • Mini Apps 
    •  Third-party integration/merchants 
    • Transportation  (Bus, Taxi, Airline)
    • Entertainment( Cinema, content)
    •  Banks & Financial Institutes
    •  Food & Delivery 

The ETHIOTEL Super App has transformed the way mobile phone users in Ethiopia manage their daily needs. Through an intuitive and secure platform, the app offers a wide range of features and services that cater to users’ requirements with utmost ease. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience while accessing products and services through just a few clicks on the app. With its all-encompassing capabilities, the telebirr super app has transformed lives, making everyday affairs simpler than ever.

To download the app you can find the Telebirr super app here! 

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