AI Tools for Image generation-part1

In our previous blog post, we explored two interesting AI tools useful for digital marketing, ChatGPT, and SmartwrtierAI. You can find the blog post here. In this one, we will discuss some great AI image generator tools.  

Why use an AI image generator?

  • AI image generators can produce high-quality art and realistic images much faster than humans.
  • They can help artists develop ideas for new works they need to do
  • Everyone can create images and artwork without having to know technical drawing skills.
  • allows graphic designers to rapidly prototype visuals before committing to a final product, making it easier to iterate quickly and make creative changes if desired

Challenges in Utilizing AI image generator 

Even though AI image creation tools can offer a lot of benefits when it comes to creating unique images quickly and easily, there are also challenges that come along with using them.

  • One challenge is that the results of AI-generated images based on text prompts may be hit-or-miss. They do not always produce the desired outcomes.
  • more advanced methods require knowledge of different AI algorithms and tools in order to get the best results possible. Getting quality results from these tools might require significant trial-and-error or finesse when working with more complex tasks such as creating realistic faces or animating movement in 3D designs.


1. Midjourney

Midjouney is an image generator AI that is hosted on a Discord server. It was developed in an independent research lab that aims to explore new mediums of thought and expand the imaginative powers of humans. Using Midjourney users can manipulate the generator via Discord bot commands or a web app.  The service allows users to generate images based on textual descriptions, creating various art forms, from realistic to abstract styles. Midjourney’s AI is especially known for its high-quality, well-structured, and detailed images. It is noted that Midjourney’s output resembles paintings rather than photographs.

Midjourney’s Key Features:

  • is widely available and easy to use, the tool has been used by everyone from professional artists to hobbyists. 
  • it is great for creating abstract or surrealistic images. If you’re looking to create something that is truly unique, then Midjourney is definitely the tool for you. With its AI capabilities, Midjourney can create images, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
  •  It allows users to customize styles or designs of the AI images generated through prompts.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that allows users to input parameters and see the output image in real-time.
  • You can watch as the AI gradually generates your image from the initial blurry colors to the high-definition thumbnails. 
  • Midjourney doesn’t work as a web application and requires no coding. Instead, it is hosted on a popular chap app known as Discord, which works in your browser and in a standalone app on desktop and mobile. 

The free trial service, Midjourney offers is somewhat chaotic for the user as they will interact with the bot in a busy public chat room, where everyone is doing the same. But, it is a good way to start using the tools since you can see the prompts of others as well as their result, which allows you to get acquainted with Midjourney quickly.

The paid subscription for a month is $10 and users can DM the bot in a private chat while still taking a pick at the public chat room.  
Midjourney is constantly being updated with new features and improvements making sure users get to experience the latest features. Be sure to check our next blog post on a similar AI image generator tool, DALL-E, here.

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